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Balanced Direction Business consultant

A business consultancy
for small and medium enterprises


Balanced direction is a not for profit company dedicated to help small and medium enterprises (SME’s) through the economic difficulties facing their business, and their employees’ livelihoods during this trying time in South Africa.


While there is a lot to be concerned about, it is not all bad news.

  • SME’s (and their employees) account for a big part of South Africa’s economy
  • Government and the private sector is determined to support SME’s and their employees
  • The broad community is aware of the strain local businesses will be under for the foreseeable future and will support local business (and our economy as a whole) where possible

Now is the time to streamline your business to be able to support you, your family, and your employees during this trying time. It is essential that you put your business in survival mode now, but also position yourself to benefit from growth when the economy and demand returns.


Analyse your overhead and expenses and streamline your business to be able to survive during this downturn.

  • Determine whether your business can continue to operate during this time
    • Is it financially better to stay open, close or reposition?
  • Communicate your business strategy clearly
    • To all employees, suppliers and customers
  • Cancel all non-essential expenses
  • Negotiate with suppliers on other expenses
  • Get your tax affairs in order so you qualify to benefit from the relief measures available to you from government
    • These are mostly related to job protection, so consider this before making any employees redundant
  • Position your business to be able to best benefit from the recovery (when this comes)


South Africa is our only home, and now is the time to support her. South Africans are resilient, now is the time to support each other.

We are committed to help. While you concentrate on managing your business in this uncertain time, we will investigate support avenues from government, other SME’s and private sector support bodies, that might be available to assist you and your employees.

Whether you need support in financial, tax, marketing, communication or human resources disciplines.

Contact us!


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